Armor Screen

Armor Screen is a Wind & Impact Abatement System which is a flexible, transparent membrane designed to withstand even the strongest hurricane winds without rupture and to deflect large and small missiles. The system is constructed of a technologically advanced, lightweight fabric which is 95% solid and 5% porous, allowing natural light and visibility while effectively eliminating high winds and driving rain intrusion.

Ashdeno Enterprises is a Natural Disaster Relief General Contractor. We are here in your time of need. Before a storm we can assist you in prepping for the safety of your home and belongings or after a strong storm Ashdeno, can help you rebuild from any damage to your home or property. Whether your property needs protection, restoration/remodeling before or after a natural disaster, Ashdeno is here to help. 

If you are looking for a General Contract that is expert in remodeling and extensive restorations, or you want to protect your property before a storm hits, contact us today to get a quote.